Back injury/neck injury/policy limit

Niki represented me and my mother after we were in a car accident and my back was injured and my moms neck was injured. I have been recommended for surgery and mom has been recovering w rehab. Niki got us the policy limit on the defendants auto policy. She did a spectacular job. The insurance companies run a dirty racket and I would have lost my mind dealing with them without Niki who handled it all from the mri’s / doctors / rehab … everything. Five stars. Class act. This was a particularly hard case because a previous injury gave the insurance company a “back door” to not pay – which is standard operating procedure for them – Niki held them accountable. I am very grateful for her work. I have had other PI attorneys (unfortunately car accidents seem to be common in LA) who made things much more complicated and did not yield nearly as good a result w the ins co’s. Thank you Niki.

Franklin Rose